Representative matters


◘ Obtained $8 million judgment enforcing arbitration award in business divorce case involving medical research company.1
◘ Obtained take nothing judgment after bench trial on behalf of accounts receivable management company.2 
◘ Obtained specific performance on behalf of buyer of real estate.3
◘ Obtained award on behalf of homebuilder and its principal dismissing claims against principal and awarding nominal damages to homebuilder.4
◘ Obtained temporary injunction enforcing non-compete on behalf of broker against departing employee.>5
◘ Obtained $150,000 jury verdict and final judgment on behalf of commercial tenant.6
◘ Obtained jury verdict and final judgment on behalf of creditor in collection case.7
◘ Obtained appointment of trustee in chapter 11 case resulting in client receiving full payment of deficiency, interest, and attorney fees.8
◘ Obtained charging order resulting in collection of $100,000 on behalf of oil field services company.
◘ Obtained take nothing judgment on jury verdict for national motel chain in personal injury case.9
◘ Negotiated settlement of less than defense costs on behalf of design professional in multi-million-dollar construction dispute.10

1 Cause No. 18-DCV-249080 in the 240th Judicial District Court of Fort Bend County, Texas. The motion to confirm that award as modified is currently pending.
2 Cause No. DC-16-15117, in the 193rd Judicial District Court of Dallas County, Texas.
3 Cause No. 2018-54921, in the 295th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas.
4 Cause No. 2016-CCV-60963, in the County Court at Law No. 3 of Nueces County, Texas.
5 Cause No. 2015-17168, in the 113th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas.
6 Cause No. 66717, in the 239th Judicial District Court of Brazoria County, Texas.
7 Cause No. 1044935, in the Harris County Court at Law No. 4.
8 Case No. 12-bk-30603, in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas, Houston Division.
9 Cause No. 2007-52842, in the 133rd Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas.


◘ Gotten a judge to take away someone’s passports.11 It is common in criminal cases for defendants to surrender their passports but not so common in a civil matter. This case involved loan fraud.  The borrowers were expats who submitted false financial statements in support of their application.  When the loan went into default and we started garnishing their bank accounts, they filed for bankruptcy.  Things did not go the way they’d anticipated when the judge told them they were free to leave but their passports would stay with him.  Federal prosecutors eventually convicted one of the borrowers and two of his colleagues of conspiracy to commit bank fraud.12  With the help of the U. S. Attorney’s office and an equitable lien on their homestead, we were able to recoup most of what they stole.
◘ Evicted a brothel.13  In this case, the premises were being used as an unlicensed “massage parlor” and “spa”.  After we evicted them,14 the Houston Police Department used the premises to conduct a reverse sting and arrested 139 johns.15
◘ Raided a church.16  The church had borrowed money but wasn’t paying it back.  When they ignored my demand letter, we knocked on their door with a constable and a writ of sequestration and took their audiovisual equipment.  They paid.

10 Cause No. D-1-GN-18-005538, in the 345th Judicial District Court of Travis County, Texas.
11 Doc. 22, Case No. 13-34480, In re Lafuente, in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas, Houston Division, the Hon. Jeff Bohm presiding (“Debtors have surrendered their passports to the Court.”).
12 Case No. 4:16-cr-00152, United States of America v. Hugo Lafuente, et al.
13 Cause No. 175100281124 in the Justice of the Peace Court of Harris County, Precinct 5, Place 1.
14 One of my trial exhibits was their advertising on which touted their “hot body scrub” that “make you happy”.
15 HPD prostitution sting nets Houston cop among 139 clients, article published in Houston Chronicle on Oct 26, 2017, available at: For all its many charms, Houston is, unfortunately, a hub for human trafficking.
16 Cause No. 2011-15282 in the 234th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas.
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